Lip Sense semi permanent cosmetics
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Lip Sense : Sexier Lip Sense. Fuller Lip Sense. Lasting Lipstick color for 4-12 hours. Free Lip Sense gifts and shipping offers - diva Beauty!. All products available for same day shipping.

Lip Sense Semi Permanent Cosmetics

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Lip Sense Lipstick all day lip color by SeneGence: Click for the new LipSense Colors. If you are having problems getting to my SeneGence site, please call toll free 1-908-598-5209.

diva Beauty Products guarantees our lip color will last 4 to 12 hours or your money back! We have 46 LipSense lip colors to choose from - Call us toll free for a recommendation.

Semi-Permanent Beauty Products: Lip Sense Lipstick is the best kept lip secret because it is different from conventional cosmetics on the market today. The cosmetics offered by SeneGence™ International are FDA approved for cosmetic usage. Lip Sense beauty products not contain lead, wax or formaldehyde and there is no animal testing. Our long lasting lip color and moisturizing gloss is incomparable! View our beautiful shades of dark red lipstick.

Staying Power: Lasting Lipstick ®, Smudge proof, budge proof, waterproof, and kiss proof lip color and beauty care products that should last anywhere between 4 to 12 hours, depending on how it is applied to the lips and an individual’s body chemistry. Because our cosmetics are applied once, maybe twice daily, lasting lip color is as long lasting to your face as it is to your wallet! A tube of color lasts most women nearly 3 months. This is the best beauty product because you won’t be applying lipstick all the time.

The Lip Colors, Glosses, and Remover: The color ensemble and SeneGence cosmetic line is available in a variety of gorgeous shades that include liners, Classic Colors (LipSense®), Highlighters, and Shimmers. Lip Glosses, lip liner enable you to create any shade you could possibly desire!

The Groundbreaking Skincare Technology is the best skin care product. SeneGence Cosmetics has an exclusive Skin Care System has a proprietary formulation of ingredients and has been clinically proven to produce remarkable results after only eight weeks of regular use! If you are looking for a serious skin care product, this is the only cosmeceutical of it’s kind! Customers are raving about the natural skin care and how quickly results are achieved! If you are looking for anti aging skin care or an anti aging skin product, these products are excellent. By identifying how the skin regenerates the dry skin care system and the oily skin care system have proven incomparable results! What a wonderful antiaging skin product.

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Lip Sense semi permanent cosmetics