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The healthy way to younger looking skin and a deep dark tan!

Feed your skin and watch it glow!

SenePlex Complex: the proprietary anti-aging complex found in all SeneGence SeneCeuticals

Shea Butter: The richest, most expensive healing ingredient used in moisturizing products

Now both of these incredible ingredients can be found in SeneSun Shea Butter Bronzer and Self Tanner

The deep golden tan color of moisturizing SeneSun Shea Butter bronzer and Self Tanner aids in the even application of the product to your skin. When applied, you’ll immediately experience an even, beautiful, golden tan all day. Leave on for at least six to eight hours for the full benefts of self-tanning. Apply daily to increase the depth of color, as you gradually work toward a deeper golden tan.

SeneSun Shea Butter Body Bronzer and Self Tanner is a healthy way to get the tan you’ve always dreamed of, while experiencing the benefits of anti-aging SenePlex Complex and moistening effects of Shea butter.

SenePlex Complex: SenePlex Complex is an anti-aging complex that is a beautiful balance of science and nature, created by combining the natural ingredient of Vanuatu with a moisturizing and hydrating formula of vitamins, marine algae, botanicals, (such as orchid extract) and precious oils (such as almond and avocado oil). This scientifically advanced formulation:
  • Atracts moisturizer from the atmosphere to the skin.
  • Lubricates the skin for a soft, supple look and feel.
  • Increases cellular growth and moisture content of the skin.
Shea Butter: Shea butter is derived from a nut and is used most often in moisturizers for its healing properties. If your skin is dehydrated or damaged, the shea butter in SeneSun Shea Butter Body Bronzer and Self Tanner with SenePlex will improve the texture and feel of your skin with use over time.
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