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LipSense SeneGence permanent lipstick, LipSense lip stick, LipSense SeneGence semi permanent lipstick, LipSense SeneGence cosmeceuticals, LipSense SeneGence long lasting lipstick, LipSense lip color, LipSense SeneGence, SeneGence lip secret, LipSense SeneGence lip stain, SeneGence lipstick, SeneGence International beauty products. LIp Liner, Moisturizing Gloss, Remover . liquid lip color is an amazing departure from conventional lip coloring products found on the market today. All ingredients in SeneGence products are FDA approved for cosmetic usage, and there is no animal testing. Staying Power: Smudge proof, budge proof, waterproof, and kiss proof liquid lip color should last anywhere between 4 to 18 hours*, depending on how it is applied and an individual’s body chemistry. Because is applied once, maybe twice daily, it is as long lasting to your lips as it is to your wallet! *Some medications may affect and reduce the staying power of the product. We at diva Beauty Products deal in SeneGence Permanent lipstick, LipSense lipstick and we are senegence distributor and deals in cosmeceuticals, long lasting lipstick and long lasting lip color.seneGence seneGence
seneGence Products
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LipSense Lip Colors

senegence lip gloss
Here at diva Beauty!  Moisturizing Glosses 18
senegence LipSense Diamond Collection senegence
Limited Edition! diva Beauty! 
Diamond Dust LipSense
anti aging body care Products
Luxurious Bath & Body at diva Beauty 
Bath & Body Set
senegence LipSense
Soothing Bath Salts at diva Beauty 
Bath Salts Set
senegence shea Butter Body Creme
New! Only at diva Beauty
Body Bronzer

seneGence Products

Anti Aging Skin Care at diva Beauty!
Skin Care Set 135

senegence semi permanent eyeliner Semi-Permanent Eyeliner at diva Beauty!

Semi-Permanent Eyeliner

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Customers rave about our products:

  • "Lip Sense won’t leave a mark on my coffee cup"
  • "With Lip sense, I am always amazed that my lip color is still on when I look in the mirror"
  • "Lip Sense? I can’t live without my LipS ense"
  • "I wear my Lip Sense when I swim and it doesn’t come off!"

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