LipSense Lip Stain Questions Answered
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LipSense Lipstain with LipSense® keeps Lipstain on.

Q:  LipSense Lipstain: How long does the LipSense® Lipstain color last?
A:  For many women, the color lasts all day if they reapply the gloss throughout the day. The length of time the color will last on anyone varies depending on several factors, including body chemistry.

Q:  What causes a tingling sensation when I put on the LipSense Lipstain alternative?
A:  Your lips are dry or chapped. If your lips are not dry, you will not notice any tingling sensation. Regular lipsticks can dry out lips. Once you condition your lips with LipSense Lipstain alternative for a few days, by not using traditional lipsticks, the tingling will stop. Use LipSense® moisture gloss on a regular basis and chapped lips will be a thing of the past!

Q:  Why should I purchase the whole set?
A:  In order for the color to last, it is necessary to re-apply the gloss after eating. Also the gloss has a moisturizer in it that keeps the lips from drying out.

Q:   Can I combine colors?
A:  Absolutely. Since you can apply 3 layers, mixing colors makes lip color fun! You can use any of the colors to come up with various new shades that will look best on you. I like adding Pink and Gold Champagn as a third coat. My husband does too!

Q:  Is the LipSense® lip color FDA approved?
A:  The ingredience that make up LipSense® are approved by the FDA. The FDA does not approve actual products just the ingredients.

Q:  Can I sell LipSense® to my friends?
Yes. In today’s competitive world filled with "me-too" products, LipSense® offers a great business opportunity for anyone wanting a home based business that doesn’t cost a lot to get started. The company offers training programs as well. Fill out this form to request distributor information.

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LipSense Lip Stain Questions Answered