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Blush LipSense Blush LipSense
Nude LipSense Nude LipSense
Beige Champagne LipSenseBeige Champagne LipSense
cappuccino Glimmer LipSense Cappuccino Glimmer
spice Ice LipSense Spice Ice
Apple Cider LipSense Apple Cider Glimmer
Baguette Beige Diamond LipSense Baguette Beige Diamond
senegence PINK
Party Pink LipSense Party Pink LipSense
sheer Pink lipsence Sheer Pink LipSense
Dark Pink LipSence Dark Pink LipSense
Fuscia Lipsence Fuscia LipSense
Roseberry lipsenceRoseberry LipSense
Pink Ice LipSensePink Ice LipSense
Rose Ice LipSense Rose Ice LipSense
Fire-n-Ice LipsenceFire-n-Ice LipSense
Pink Champagne LipSensePink Champagne
Pink Shimmer LipSensePink Shimmer
Fantasy Fuscia lip senseFantasy Fuscia LipSense
seneGence RED
Blu Red lipsence Blu Red LipSense
Red Cherry LipsenceRed Cherry LipSense
brick LipSenseBrick LipSense
cranberry LipSense Cranberry LipSense
plumeria LipSensePlumeria Glimmer
Eternity Flame Diamond LipSenseEternity Flame Diamond
currant lip sense Currant LipSense
Dusty Rose Lip SenseDusty Rose LipSense
sheer Berry Lip Sense Sheer Berry LipSense
Plum LipSense Plum LipSense
Mauve Ice Lip sence Mauve Ice LipSense
Neutral lip sence Neutral LipSense
Praline Rose LipSense Praline Rose Glimmer
sugar Plum LipSence Sugar Plum LipSense
samon LipsenceSamon LipSense
Peach LipSensePeach LipSense
summer Sunset LipSenseSummer Sunset LipSense
coral Reef lipsence Coral Reef LipSense
coral Reef lipsenceCoral Reef LipSense
Persimmon LipSense Persimmon LipSense
Burnt Orange lipsence Burnt Orange LipSense
coral Ice LipSense Coral Ice LipSense
Gold Champagne LipSense Gold Champagne
sun Burst Orange Lip sense Sun Burst Orange LipSense
Light Bronze LipSenseLight Bronze LipSense
Moca LipSense Moca LipSense
Raisin LipSense Raisin LipSense
cocoa LipSense Cocoa LipSense
Bronze Shimmer LipSense Bronze Shimmer
Malted lipsence Malted LipSense

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LipSense customers rave about our products:

  • "LipSense won’t leave a mark on my coffee cup"
  • "With Lipense, I am always amazed that my lip color is still on when I look in the mirror"
  • "LipSense? I can’t live without my LipSense"
  • "I wear my LipSense when I swim and it doesn’t come off!"

Top Selling cosmetics
2-Layers Currant, 1 Layer of Spice Ice = Bronze Raisin

The best moisturizers for your lips are our Lip glosses. They keep your Lip color wearing longer than other products!

Long Lasting Lip Colors

Party Pink: Cool, bright, reminiscent of "bubble gum" pink
Nude: Warm or cool, medium tanned skin toned brown, almost chocolate milk color, caramel undertones.
Plum: Cool, medium to bright, true purpled plum.
Dark Pink: Cool, medium to dark range, with mauve, some rose undertones.
Light Bronze: Can go warm or cool, medium to dark, highly pigmented, bronzy brown with a hint of plum.
Red Cherry: Cool, medium to deeper red reminiscent of dark Bing Cherries.
Blush: Cool, medium range, highly pigmented mauve toned “neutral.”
Samon: Can go warm or cool, bright, vibrant, coral.
Dusty Rose: Cool, brown based, rosy mauve.
Concord: Cool, deep, highly pigmented gothic purple.
Roseberry: Cool, medium light, pinky, and raspberry.
Sheer Berry: Cool, medium brown based berry. Our most popular color.
Sheer Pink: Can go warm or cool. Medium coral based pink.
Moca: Warm medium earth tone based brown red.
Blu-Red: Cool, true bright red, Similar to a fire engine.
Fuscia: Cool, medium dark, bright pink like the fuchsia plant.
Cranberry: Cool, bright red with pink undertones - like cranberries on Thanksgiving (yum!).
Brick: Warm, medium red with orange undertones.
Currant: Cool, medium dark burgundy raisin color. Goes with any skin tone.
Neutral: Cool, medium dark raspberry red with a hint of plum. Color to emulate your own lip clor.
Peach: Warm, medium light orange based peach.
Beige Champagne: Cool, light, frosted pinkish beige.
Pink Champagne: Cool, light, frosted silvery pink with a hint of taupe.
Gold Champagne: Warm, light, highly frosted coral, sort of peachy gold.
Coral Ice - Warm,bright Orange coral with shimmer (looks retro on top of Blu-Red)
Fire N Ice - Cool Shimmery Rose with Berry Undertones (classy!)
Spice Ice - Neutral, Carmel Brown with a hint of copper
Pink Ice - Cool, similar to Party Pink with a highlighter to give it a frosty look
Mauve Ice - Cool, Purple Mauve with a hint of shimmer
Rose Ice - Cool, color of Zinfandel Wine with shimmer ( Beautiful by itself or with any color ) if you love Sheer Pink, Roseberry ad Dark Pink... you will love this one
Persimmon: Warm medium light orange based with a little red.
Summer Sunset: Reminds of a the redish orange sumset
Coral Reef: Not as bright as Samon but perfect for those who enjoy a coral color.
Burnt Orange: Similar to Peach but not as bright.
Shimmers: Add pizazz to your lip color with a Shimmer. These are great for after 6:00pm: Pink, Princess Pink (a darker pink than the plain Pink) Platinum, Gold, Bronze and Ruby Red (a dark ruby red).

After reviewing the colors, if you cannot find your perfect color(s) please do the following:

  • Send a color swatch of your favorite lipstick onto a piece of paper.
  • Make sure to include your name and phone number so that we can call you.
  • Send it to:
*Warren, NJ 07059

I’ll match your color and call you with my recommendations.

Lip Gloss Selection Use any of these products alone, but most importantly, they must be applied on top of the third layer of any LipSense® shade to keep the lips moist and the advanced color technology of the LipSense® color pigment holding. The lip gloss product is an important part of the lip coloring system and should be applied throughout the day for optimum product performance. Our Shea butter based lip glosses are offered in a variety of looks to moisturize and texture your lips.

  • Glossey Gloss: Our most popular look.
  • Matte Gloss: You receive the benefits of our moisturizing gloss without the shine.
  • Pearl Gloss: Our glossey gloss with a pearl shimmer look.
  • Sports Lip Balm: To help repair dry and damaged lips. Great for men (and women) who spend time outdoors or in a dry environment

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