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SeneSerum-C with SenePlex Complex

SeneGence is proud to introduce the most advanced anti aging technology for your skin. In aCATEGORY all its own, SeneSerum-C with SenePlex is a breakthrough in anti-aging SkinCare. SeneSerum-C with SenePlex replicates skin’s natural will for healthy cellular growth and movement. Easy to use, anti-aging SeneSerum-C with SenePlex is a powerful delivery system of SenePlex Complex and other beneficial ingredients to give your skin the necessary moisture to achieve a beautiful, healthy radiance – naturally.

SeneSerum-C with SenePlex is made from natural oils, equivalent to those found in your skin. The SeneSerum-C with SenePlex delivers beneficial ingredients that make the skin more beautiful through the latest in advanced technology: Dermal Transference.

seneSerum-C SeneSerum-C

Science Behind the Product - Climate Control

There are three main factors which make SeneSerum-C with SenePlex combined with Dermal Transference a substantial breakthrough product for anti aging skin care treatments;

  1. Squalene
  2. Stabilized Vitamin C


  1. SenePlex Complex

Here’s How:

SeneSerum-C with SenePlex Complex is 60% to 70% olive oil base Squalene (non shark source). It is made for all skin types as it is non toxic, non irritating, & hypoallergenic.

For the first time ever……Stabilized Vitamin C is combined with SenePlex Complex ( and the actives contained therein) in a waterless anhydrous media of vitamins, anti oxidants, and fruit and plant butters. Because there is no water in SeneSerum-C the ingredients used are at their highest concentration and purity.  The synergistic combination of Vitamin C with SenePlex in a moisture rich environment enhances the properties of each. SeneSerum-C with SenePlex:


Here’s Why:
Human sebum forms the natural lubricant of hairy and non hairy skin types.  Sebum keeps the skin supple and forms a protective bacterial and fungicidal coating on the skin. This sebum cover also helps to keep moisture on the skin.  A deficiency in sebum leads to dry skin…and one could assume greater exposure to free radicals, thus increasing the aging process.

Squalene - Sebum is produced by the casting off of cells in which it was formed called secretion. Squalene is found in human sebaceous secretions within the sebaceous glands of hair follicles. Squalene is the natural oil and emollient found closest to human oil and does not feel oily.

seneSerum clip

Squalene feels very natural to the touch and is readily accepted and blended with human sebaceous oils. Transference of substances through the skin layer is not solely necessary when using Squalene as a delivery system as it binds (mixes) with the existing Squalene up through an air pocket into the canal within the dermis.

Carcinogenic chemicals and free radicals are inactivated when exposed to Squalene, which serves as a protective agent against sunlight.

Bottom line – Delivery of beneficial ingredients through Squalene helps accelerates rate, depth, and extent of penetration of beneficial ingredients to the skin more efficiently and evenly.

Stabilized Vitamin C Vitamin C is used for cell replenishment. The human body can not produce Vitamin C for itself.  Until now, you must eat food as a source to replenish Vitamin C.Vitamin C is also an antioxidant that helps fight off ultra violet free radicals.

The Vitamin C used in SeneSerum-C with SenePlex is an oil soluble Vitamin C that is stabilized, meaning it really works and is active within the SeneSerum – C with SenePlex mixture (as opposed to using  unstabilized Vitamin C blends that do not work).

Vitamin C works as an essential factor for the normal formation, maintenance, and structural stability of collagen.
Collagen is the key component to most tissues. It is the main protein of connective tissue.  It is the main component of extra cellular matrix that supports most tissues and gives cells structure from the outside.

SenePlex Complex - “SenePlex™ Complex” is the proprietary complex formulated into every SeneDerm & SenseCosmetics cream product. The “SenePlex™ Complex” is a unique combination of ingredients, which when used properly, accelerates cellular renewal growth. SenePlex Complex is:

  • An “Active” - An “active” ingredient is an ingredient or combination of ingredients that impact the way in which a process happens.
  • The “Actives” are a “Kinetic Enzyme” – Kinetic Enzymes create energy. This means that SenePlex™ speeds up the natural process of reproducing cells without changing the process itself.

SenePlex™ Complex is a mixture of unique ingredients and raw materials contained within a delivery system that allows for penetration and delivery of the SenePlex™ actives into the second layer of the skin, the dermis. At the very base of this layer, the actives create a kinetic enzyme reaction and increase the cellular growth production. Increasing cellular growth has a substantial impact upon the health and conditions of the skin.

Simply stated – SenePlex™ Complex impacts the growth of living cells and increases the cellular renewal process at a rate never before seen in the cosmetics and skincare industry.

SenePlex™ Complex’s Direct Effects upon the Skin - In the normal course of cellular production, cells are generally dehydrated and hardened by the time they reach the outer layer of the epidermis. As cellular production increases (speeds up by SenePlex Complex), cells on the way to the surface of the epidermis are replaced with newer cells faster.

  • Moisture content - The dehydration process of these newer cells has not been completed even as they are replaced with the cells rising to the top from underneath. Moisture content is improved through increased cellular production. Cells maintain a greater amount of moisture making them more plump and supple.
  • Luminosity - Replacing older dead cells with cells that maintain greater moisture content makes skin more luminous. When light touches the surface of dead cells, the light is absorbed, making dull complexions.  However, when light touches a cell containing moisture, the light reflects off of the moisture making skin ‘glow’.
  • Firmness and Elasticity - Increased cellular growth also means less time for cells to naturally loose collagen content and break down elastin fibers that make the skin sag. Increased cellular production helps to increase firmness and elasticity of the skin naturally due to the retention of moisture in and around the cells.
  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles - Fine lines and wrinkles are often attributed to the build up of dehydrated, dead skin that has been compacted into certain areas of the skin surface. With healthy, moist, luminous cells produced at a constant increased rate, fine lines and wrinkles are sure to diminish because dead, dry flat cells are replaced with fuller plumber cells from the bottom up.  As well, the SeneDerm 3 in 1 Cleansers maintain the surface exfoliation process to ensure the fullest, plumpest cells are on the skin’s surface.
  • Balancing and Diminishing Skin’s Discoloration - With increased cellular growth, it is conceivable to imagine that non-genetic color spots created by unhealthy skin could be replaced by healthier, more beautiful skin. This could result in a more evenly colored skin surface, making your complexion appear smoother.
  • Blemished Skin Types - Conceivably, one could suppose that if cells are being produced at an increased speed, small lesions created by blemishes could possibly heal faster.

The actives in SenePlex Complex and the other beneficial Vitamins including stabilized Vitamin C are absorbed more fully by the skin when mixed with Squalene that then ‘binds’ to the Squalene found in human sebum.

Other beneficial ingredients found in SeneSerum-C with SenePlex:
  • Vitamin A - a group of compounds that play an important role in vision, bone growth, cell division, reproduction, and cellular differentiation.
  • Vitamin E – a powerful antioxidant.
  • Aloe Extracts and Natural Oils and Butters – help to lubricate skin and cells to enhance natural cellular movement and to soothe friction caused by natural movements, and to calm cellular inflammation.

Therefore, based upon the facts listed above we can conclude that SeneSerum-C with SenePlex Complex:

  • Contains stabilized Vitamin C and helps to increase collagen production for firmer skin.
  • Enhances the effects of SenePlex Complex
  • More efficiently, and evenly, delivers a variety of active, anti-aging ingredients to the skin for faster, more luminous results
  • Increases skin’s natural ability to form an effective protective bacterial and fungicidal layer that helps decrease the aging of the skin
  • Helps to inactivate carcinogenic chemicals and free radicals from skin’s surface
  • Helps to increase ability of the skin’s protective layer to shield against ultra violet free radicals and harmful rays of the sun
  • Includes Vitamin A, Vitamin E and a blend of moisturizers that effectively make skin soft and supple. Helps rough, dull skin become smoother and more luminous

How to Use:
Healthy, younger-looking skin begins with SeneSerum-C in your beauty regimen: For nighttime use -  Apply to clean, dry skin; using the eyedropper, place one to two SeneSerum-C with SenePlex droplets onto fingertips. Massage gently around eye area, all over face and décolletage. Follow with SeneDerm Evening Moisturizer and SeneDerm EyeCrème. If using Climate Control, apply after Climate Control and prior to Evening Moisturizer.

Get back to basics with advanced anti aging moisturization and healthy skin with SeneSerum-C with SenePlex.

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Vitamin C Serum SeneGence