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What are Cosmeceuticals? Cosmeceuticals are the new wave in skin care. Different from traditional products, cosmeceuticals, alter the structure and function of the skin. They reverse sun damage, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and treat acne.

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Cosmeceuticals Results: The following contains results of independent laboratory tests and clinical studies performed over 8 weeks on 20 subjects ranging from 18 to 55 years with oily, normal, and dry types. Evening Moisturizer was used in these tests. Remarkable, areas tested showed significant improvement on all subjects. The following reflects the astounding results from these independent laboratory tests.

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Highly effective in increasing cell renewal with an average increased renewal rate of 23.3%. Additionally, the statistical analysis has revealed that the difference seen between the tests and the control groups are significant at a 95% confidence limit level.

skin care results

skin care moisture MOISTURIZATION AND HYDRATION - 54.2% Moisture content was assessed via impedance measurements on the cheek of subjects with moderately dry epidermis. As early as two weeks, a significant increase of 20.4% was observed. Increased moisturization and hydration continued with improvements of 32.6% 4 weeks and 54.2% at 8 weeks.
FINE LINES AND WRINKLES - 55.7% Changes in epidermis texture were assessed by taking and analyzing Siflo Replicas of the canthus area with a computer image analysis system. A significant reduction of 23.2% was observed after two weeks with greater reductions of 38.8% and 55.7% at week 4 and 8 post start respectively.
skin care wrinkle reduction
skin care firmness FIRMNESS AND ELASTICITY - 51.9% - Indentometry

Indentometry method measures firmness at deeper layers in the epidermis. A force is applied perpendicularly to the cheek and the depth of indentation is measured in millimeters. As the elastin network becomes more developed, the ability to resist elasticity increases and the depth of indentation decreases. After eight weeks, approximately 52% reduction of indentation depth was noted. Results showed 51.9% increase in epidermis firmness. 


Luminosity consists of transparency and color factors which are commonly known as epidermis tone and degree of redness. This is useful in determining the efficacy of “epidermis conditioners” and cosmetics. Luminosity studies measure the degree of intracellular metabolism, water content, and oxygen levels. Eight weeks of useage with Evening Moisturizer resulted in 48.7% improvement in luminosity.

skin care luminosity

CLINICAL CONCLUSIONS The laboratory testing in this study showed that our cosmetics used in these tests were highly effective in improving moisturization and hydration, firmness, reducing lines and wrinkles, and increasing cellular renewal. Ultrasound analysis also revealed an increase in thickness as well as tissue density which led to the improvement in firmness. Eight weeks of useage also significantly reduced pigmentation and consequently improved epidermis clarity and luminosity. 

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Cosmeceuticals Skin Care SeneGence