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Day Time Moisturizer with antiaging Skincare: SeneDerm™ DayTime Moisturizer Skincare- The DayTime Moisturizer Skincareprotects, moisturizes, and lubricates. It contains vitamin E to protect your cells from oxidation. The botanical blend found in these cosmetics, provides natural moisture retention, and provides environmental protection. This moisturizer is formulated as the perfect base for MakeSense™ Foundation. The SeneDerm™ DayTime Moisturizer comes in a beautiful 1.66 oz tube. Evening Moisturizer antiaging SeneDerm™ Evening Moisturizer - The Evening Moisturizer contains a more concentrated formulation of SenePlex™. These rich ingredients penetrate deep to provide moisture and hydration while you sleep. During rest, you are more susceptible to these concentrated cosmetics because the environment is usually warmer, pores are more open and relaxed. The SeneDerm™ Evening Moisturizer comes in a beautiful 1.66 oz jar.
anti aging cleanser SeneDerm™ 3 in 1 Cleanser - Our 3 in 1 Cleanser consists of specific ingredients, designed to effectively clean, exfoliate, and tone your type. Our cleansers with SenePlex™ also help establish the proper pH balance, and prepare it to receive our nourishing moisturizers. The SeneDerm™ 3 in 1 Cleanser comes in a 3.25 oz tube. Evening Moisturizer antiaging SeneDerm™ EyeCreme - Surrounding the eyes requires increased protection, moisture, and hydration. In addition, because we are constantly moving our eyes, in that area is more susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles. SeneDerm™ EyeCreme with SenePlex™ is a moisturizing step specifically targeted to the surrounding eye area. The SeneDerm™ EyeCreme comes in a beautiful .44 oz jar.
MakeSense Foundation makeup MakeSense™ Foundation - The MakeSense™ Foundation delivers a flawless, water resistant finish, while providing non-smearing, long lasting coverage that will keep you looking radiant and beautiful! This incredible foundation with SenePlex™ is the base which sets up long lasting color technology of our SenseCosmetics™. The MakeSense Foundation comes in a 1 oz beautiful pump bottle. MakeSense™ is formulated to be used with the SeneDerm™ System to provide maximum benefits and optimum results. antiaging concealer MakeSense™ Blender - The MakeSense™ Blender can be used any way you choose. This versatile cosmetic containing SenePlex™ can be used as a highlighter or a concealor. Perfectly paired with our MakeSense Foundation, ShadowSense™, or BlushSense™ , you can custom blend your way to looking beautiful and healthy! Blend those imperfections into beautiful with the MakeSense™ Blender by SeneGence™. The MakeSense™ Blender comes in a compact .25 oz tube.
restores ph balance and moisture to skin ClimateControl - SeneDerm™ with SenePlex™ Climate Control Moisturizer with SelPlexT is a SeneGence™ proprietary formulation of two separate and extremely effective delivery systems, combined into one advanced new delivery system technology - DualSense. SelPlexT is a blend of specifically selected herbal extracts, combined with mixed vitamins and tocopherols, that soothes and does not contain emulsifiers. Climate Control is specifically formulated for sensitive and extremely dry types, but can be beneficial to all types when you require extra moisture.
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