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Make up remover that is gentle yet effective!

Finding the perfect makeup remover is sometimes difficult. When using our remover, it is not necessary to scrub your face in order to get the makeup off. Essentially you just mix Foops!™ with water and apply to your face. Foops!™ will disolve the make-up and allow you to just wipe it away. It is also suggested you follow up with the SeneDerm™ regiment.

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LipSense Lipstick

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LipSense Lipstick all day lip color by SeneGence: Click for the new LipSense Colors. If you are having problems getting to my SeneGence site, please call toll free 1-908-598-5209.

diva Beauty Products guarantees our lip color will last 4 to 12 hours or your money back! We have 46 LipSense lip colors to choose from - Call us toll free for a recommendation.

Semi-Permanent Beauty Products: LipSense Lipstick is the best kept lip secret because it is different from conventional cosmetics on the market today. The cosmetics offered by SeneGence™ International are FDA approved for cosmetic usage. Lip Sense Lipstick does not contain lead, wax or formaldehyde and there is no animal testing. Our long lasting lip color and moisturizing gloss is incomparable! View our beautiful shades of dark red lipstick.

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Make Up Removers SeneGence Cosmetics