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LipSense Cosmetic Distributor Karole Lewis. Call LipSense Cosmetic Distribuot 908-598-5209. Number 1 LipSense Cosmetic Distributor retailer since 2003.


LipSense SeneGence Semi Permanent Lipstick

About LipSense SeneGence Semi Permanent Lipstick

LipSense SeneGence Semi Permanent Lipstick is the main focus of this site. If you are looking for LipSense SeneGence Semi Permanent Lipstick, you have come to the right place. diva Beauty Products is an extension of   K Lewis Enterprises  and was was created in September 2001 to provide people with alternatives. We currently offer a retail component where we sell Cosmetics, Hair Accessories. We have other offers for those interested in Home Business.  We also offer quality Web Design without the Internet Hype.  Click Here to purchase Lipense SeneGence Semi Permanent Lipstick.

My cousin Christy McCoy introduced me to LipSense in August of 2001. I watched her apply her lip color in the morning and I applied my lipstick. She is a beautiful woman. We went to Knotts Berry Farm in California. Her LipSense lasted all day and my lipstick was off after the first cup of coffee. I asked her for the name of the product and she gave it to me but it was misspelled. I searched on the Internet for days and then I called her on the phone and asked her for the spelling of LipSense again.

I found LipSense on the Internet and purchased it right away. I didnít know that you needed to apply 3 coats and then follow it with the moisturizer but it still stayed on until lunch time.

Now I tell people that before I started using SeneGence products that I put on my makeup in the morning and then went to work. After the first cup of coffee, the lipstick was gone. After Lunch the makeup was almost gone and by the time I went home, I looked like death warmed over.

I have so much more confidence and I donít need to look in the mirror during the day. LipSense has changed my life.

If you are looking for a change in your life, and you love your LipSense, I can help you to build a business that will give you flexibility and freedom from the ďgrindĒ. I donít know what I would be doing today if I wasnít a SeneGence distributor.

Our Vision is to apply the most advanced technology available to improve the quality of life for all those we touch.

Our Mission is to add value to our customers businesses through the provision of inventive and cost efficient solutions and service.

K Lewis Enterprises is located in beautiful Warren NJ. Speed mail inquiries to:  or snail mail is received at:

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Karole Lewis
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