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Eye Brow Liner without having tatooed eye brow liner.

Eye Brow liner can fill in sparse brows, and create shape for near-unruly ones. Will it cause the eye brow to be unnatural looking? We wouldn’t dare! Using brow liner can help you achieve the look you should have been born with. Some ladies, as they get older, notice that the eye brow looses hair. This can happen as a result of hormonal changes or chemical changes. The most reliable eyeliner on the market is BrowSense®. Not only does it allow you to re-shape the eye brow but it stays on until you take it off! With the proper cosmetics, you are able to accentuate the eye brow, change the shape and size, and maintain a natural look.

Attention and the right tools, however, are the true keys to wearing any dramatic color while still maintaining a professional look. BrowSense® needs to be shaken horizontally prior to application. The BrowSense® delivery system is unique and effective. One end of the applicator is a controllable, tapered hairbrush that is used to apply the color to the eyebrow with short, hair-length strokes. Once the color has been applied, take the brush end of the applicator and smooth away any excess color for even, natural, hair-like coloration. If preferred, repeat these steps until the d esired color intensity is achieved.

BrowSense® will provide you with an easy to use liquid defining cosmetic. Shopping on the Internet is fun. In one place, you will find all your cosmetic needs. Amazing cosmetics, make up, and eyeliner that will enhance both your make you feel confident because they always make you look good.

BrowSense® has following attributes:

  • Is great for people who don’t have brows because it won’t rub or sweat off.
  • Gives your brows that "just-groomed" look with colors that don’t sweat off.
  • With an easy-to-use formula and a choice of three shades, there’s a BrowSense® that’s designed to suit everyone
  • A unique formula ensures smooth, even application that gently shapes and defines brows
  • It allows you to create the look you want - subtle or bold
  • Contact lens safe

Eye brow liner should be applied before eye shadow and mascara so that it is blended in for a nice uniform look. Any mistakes can be corrected with cotton tipped swab using our patented remover.

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Define the eye brows with the elegance of our liquid eye brow liner!


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