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LipSense lipcolor. LipSense lasts 4 to 12 hours

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Samon LipSense Samon
Brick LipSense Brick
Blu-Red LipSense Blu-Red
Blush LipSense Blush
Beige Champagne LipSense Beige Champagne
Bronze LipSense Bronze Shimmer
currant LipSense long lasting lip color Currant
coral Reef LipSense Coral Reef
cranberry LipSense Cranberry
coral Ice LipSense Coral Ice
cappuccino LipSense Cappuccino
cocoa LipSense - Yellow Based Cocoa
Napa LipSense Napa
Dark Pink LipSense Dark Pink
Dusty Rose LipSense Dusty Rose
fire-n-ice LipSense Fire-n-Ice
Fuscia LipSense Fuscia
Glitter LipSense Glitter
Gold Champagne LipSense Gold Champagne
Persimmon LipSense Persimmon
Neutral LipSense Neutral
Mauve Ice LipSense Mauve Ice
currant LipSense Moca
Apple Cider LipSense Apple Cider
Nude LipSense Nude
Pink Shimmer LipSense Pink Shimmer
Plum LipSense Plum
Praline Rose LipSense Praline Rose
Pink Champagne LipSense Pink Champagne
Pink Ice LipSense Pink Ice
Rhubarb LipSense Rhubarb
Plumeria LipSense Plumeria
Rose IceLipSense Rose Ice
RoseBerry LipSense RoseBerry
strawberry Shorcake LipSense Strawberry Shortcake
Light Bronze LipSense Light Bronze
Raisin LipSense-Blue Based Raisin
Red Cherry LipSense Red Cherry
Ruby LipSense Ruby
Garnet LipSense Garnet
Peach LipSense Peach
Berry LipSense Berry
sheer Berry LipSense Sheer Berry
sheer Pink LipSense Sheer Pink
spice Ice LipSense Spice Ice
sugar Plum LipSense-Blue Based Sugar Plum
summer Sunset LipSense Summer Sunset
sun Burst Orange LipSense - Yellow Based Sun Burst Orange
coral LipSense Coral
Kellys Krush LipSense Kelly’s Krush
carmel Latte LipSense Carmel Latte
Kiss Me Katie Lipsence Kiss Me Katie
Malibu LipSense Malibu
Redwood LipSense Redwood
Redwood LipSense Redwood
Burnt Orange LipSense Burnt Orange
Kiss For A Cause LipSense Kiss For A Cause

LipSense Lipstick toll free 1-908-598-5209

LipSense Lipstick all day lip color by SeneGence: If you are having problems getting to my SeneGence site, please call toll free 1-908-598-5209.

diva Beauty Products guarantees our lip color will last 4 to 12 hours or your money back! We have 60 LipSense lip colors to choose from - Call us toll free for a recommendation.

Semi-Permanent Beauty Products: LipSense Lipstick is the best kept lip secret because it is different from conventional cosmetics on the market today. The cosmetics offered by SeneGence™ International are FDA approved for cosmetic usage. Lip Sense Lipstick does not contain lead, wax or formaldehydeand there is no animal testing. Our long lasting lip color and moisturizing gloss is incomparable! View our beautiful shades of dark red lipstick.

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