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Natural Lip Gloss with LipSense® will moisturize your lips and keep them looking young. LipSense® lip color lives up to the claim: "lasting Lip Color for 4 to 12 hours". One of our customers lives on the East Coast and she said that she uses LipSense® all day lip color with the moisturizing gloss and she hasn’t had chapped lips for 3 years. Lip Gloss should be applied after you eat and drink. All ingredients in SeneGence products are FDA approved for cosmetic usage, and there is no animal testing.

  • Classic Shades - The products are offered in a wide variety of captivating shades, allowing for carefree beauty that lasts throughout your day! Use three layers of an individual shade or layer a combination to create your own signature shade.
  • Highlighters - Illuminating highlighting shades can be layered before or after the base coat to make them shine!
  • Shimmers - Layer these iridescent hues on top or below our classic shades or Highlighters, for an irresistible combination of sparkle and glow!
  • LinerSense® - Line and define with our versatile lining, designed to blend and complement all the Classic Shades.

Staying Power: Smudge proof, budge proof, waterproof, and kiss proof should last anywhere between 4 to 18 hours*, depending on how it is applied and an individual’s body chemistry. Because our product is applied once, maybe twice daily, it is as long lasting to your face as it is to your wallet! *Some medications may affect and reduce the staying power of the product.

The products: The ensemble and entire cosmetic line is available in a wide variety of gorgeous shades that enable you to create any combination, or any finish - frost, opaque, sheer, and matte - you could possibly desire!


  • LipSense® makes kiss marks a thing of the past!
  • LipSense® Stays on your lips not on your clothes!
  • Apply LipSense® in the morning for all day wear!!
  • You will love the convenience of just applying gloss because you don’t need a mirror after you apply LipSense®.
  • Lip color that stays on your lips not on your teeth.
  • Sports gals love LipSense® because they can swim, sweat and it still stays on.!
  • Chapped Lips become a thing of the past when you use the moisturizing gloss.

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