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LipSense at diva Beauty Products guarantees our LipSense liquid lip color by SeneGence will last 4 to 12 hours or your money back! We have 46 LipSense liquid lip colors to choose from - Call us toll free for a recommendation and explanation of all SeneGence LipSense cosmetics.New: Diamond Dust LipSense collection.

How Does LipSense® Really Work?

LipSense® by SeneGence® Long-Lasting Liquid Lip Color is a non-wax liquid lip color that stays on your skin for quite a while - a period of time ranging from a couple of hours up to 24 hours on some . but how does it work?

Science Behind the Product

LipSense® Long Lasting Liquid Lip Color is made of a combination of ingredients. Here are a few key components:

  • SD Alcohol 40 - SD Alcohol 40 is nothing close to isopropyl alcohol - or rubbing alcohol. In fact, you need SD Alcohol 40 to apply LipSense® to your skin. Rubbing alcohol instantly removes LipSense® from the skin. (We do not recommend the use of rubbing alcohol on the skin because it dries out the skin.) We formulate LipSense® with SD Alcohol 40 because:
    • It is thinner than water and suspends the tiny particles within the formula.
    • It evaporates from the skin upon the delivery of the technology to the skin. (The "tingling" sensation felt on the lips, when some wearers first begin to use the color, is the evaporation process of the SD Alcohol 40. This disappears as lower layers of skin’s moisture content are restored from use of the gloss.)
  • Tiny Particles - The particles that help the color pigments to molecularly bind to the skin (see Ingredient listing). Over time, the particles begin to detach from the skin’s surface. The rate at which this occurs varies tremendously and is based upon the pH-balance of any one person’s skin and the color they’ve chosen to wear for the day.
  • Color Pigments- Each tube of color has a varied formulation of which is used to arrive at a single color - often involving the use of many different color pigments. Some colors naturally last longer than others as some are thicker or richer in color pigmentations, while some are sheer and thinner than others.
  • Layering LipSense®- Layering LipSense® is a must due to the fact the color breaks down with the pH balance of the skin.
    • 1st layer - touches the skin’s pH and will begin to break down first and fastest.
    • 2nd layer - protected from the bottom, away from the skin’s pH, by the first layer.
    • 3rd layer - protects the second layer from the top down and prevents sheering of second layer of color by keeping away friction and saliva.

    The third layer breaks down just like the first layer, but from the top down. The second layer is sandwiched between the first and third and is protected by both for the longest period of use.

Bold Color - Sheer Look - If you love sheer colors but want to wear a shade that is a thicker formulation. Three layers applied to the skin will be too deep of a color for you. Try layering 2 coats of a sheer color first, like Princess Pink or Beige Champagne as an undercoat. Once two layers are applied, add the chosen color as the third coat. (Depending upon the color, you may need only one under coat of another color.)

Staying Power of Mica - LipSense® Lip Colors formulated with micas do not tend to wear as long as the solid matte shades of LipSense® (See the LIPS Guide in the SeneCeuticalsT Beauty Book for a description of each LipSense® Lip Color shade). Micas create shine and shimmer. They reflect light and are made of particles that are larger than color pigments. Micas may flick off the skin with regular skin movements. Talking and scraping lip movements like drinking from a cup can facilitate this process. You can assume up to an hour of less wear when wearing a mica color. (Hey . I’ll take 4 - 10 hours of wear any day!) Call us toll free at 1-908-598-5209 and we can help you select the appropriate color.

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