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Lip Stick: with LipSense® Lip Stick won’t smudge like other Lip Stick!

Not long ago, SeneGence International™ was one woman’s vision: To provide direct sellers with revolutionary merchandise and a breakthrough career path. Our founder has lived up to her promise and is seeing her vision being achieved.

For the thirteenth year in a row, thanks to our customers, we are the
Number 1 sales distributor for SeneGence International™

The synergy created by melding unique, semi-permanent products into an outstanding, innovative business plan, produces products to consumers and opportunities to people that are unprecedented in the direct selling industry today!

SeneGence International™ presents all day beauty and benefits, whether product is bought as a customer or sold as a representatitve.

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We also want you to know about our Ground breaking Skincare Technology. This exceptional and exclusive SkinCare System has at its basis our proprietary formulation of ingredients and has been clinically proven to produce remarkable results to the skin after only eight weeks of retgular use! This is the only cosmeceutical of it’s kind! Our customers are raving about the natural skin care and how easy it is to achieve results!

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Enjoy the rewards of joining my team. Become a SeneGence distributor and I will mentor you and teach you how to set up your business. Please click here to fill out the form to receive more information on this exciting opportunity.